Web hosting solutions are available in different versions for different target groups. The options range from shared hosting to managed virtual private servers to dedicated server solutions. Here we recommend a more accurate comparison to find the right solution for your organization.

Finding the right business offer for web hosting is not easy: Some users only want to create web business cards. Others want to produce sophisticated websites and online stores or access to complete development environments. Web hosting providers have put together different hosting plans. Among them there are free offers, which rely on automated commercials or have hidden pitfalls such as limited support or moderate availability – not really suitable for a business website. So make sure to pay attention not only on price but also on the fine print in the selection of the provider.

The web host should have a suitable offer for the proposed project and good value for money offer, particularly in the area of ​​technology and support. As requirements change in business temporarily, the hosting product should be able to be adapted to the new needs. Basically hosting services are divided into three categories: “Shared Hosting”,
“Virtual Server” and “Dedicated Server”.

Options for Web hosting.

Shared hosting is ideal for beginners and professionals.

Under Shared hosting refers to a web hosting service where diverse websites are co-located on a Web server. This saves money, since many users share space on the server and the operating costs. A user should not have to worry about maintenance tasks. There are hosting plans for un-ferent target groups, which differ technically strong, but often their final quality is the same.

Usually web hosts offer an entry-level version of the shared hosting which is suitable especially for those who rely on a device Sassi-tenten due to lack of programming knowledge. You can use it to easily create a personalized ausse-rising website, such as an online store with evaluation function, blogs and many other features. Thus, for a professional Internet presence with your own domain realize without HTML or programming knowledge. It does not even need a software to be installed: Browser-based systems can be “fed” with images and text and are suitable for websites creation in few minutes without any additional service. Shared hosting for beginners is usually the cheapest option for Web hosting.

We host your web hosting package on a model developed by several self Server clusters. The resources of each cluster are all hosted on his clients in the same manner. Their distribution is controlled by the built-in mechanisms of the Apache web server and the MySQL server. This allows us a continuous monitoring of the cluster and its easy extensibility to adapt the overall performance of the system to meet rising demands.

All for one!

An Artfiles Web server cluster consists of one database server, a storage server and several Web servers. This is still the print server and a backup server. This division of services allows us to perfectly tailor each server on its task: Fast CPUs and lots of memory for the web server, a fast RAID system for storage servers and small, but very fast hard drives in SQL Server.

Engineering details!

As with all our systems, we are also in our cluster systems intensively tested and proven technology: Server systems from Supermicro and Dell, Intel CPUs and hard drives from Western Digital and Fujitsu. On all storage and database servers and also on the backup systems comes exclusively RAID 6, offering not only a high performance by reliability and fast recovery times. All servers in a cluster are interconnected with Gigabit Ethernet.

Web hosting for free for new customers and existing customers – the full service provider DM Solutions starts in April. It gives away its Shared Hosting Offers up to 6 months. Besides getting together all new customers and existing customers of DM Solutions are at a reappointment for up to six months for their hosting free. The action is still valid until the end of the month and runs with it until 30/04/2013.

As a medium-sized web hosting provider, DM Solutions has already made a name in the field of CMS Hosting and Online Store Hosting. The server of DM Solutions is optimized for all major content management systems and also well-known online shop systems like Magento, oxide or store goods are easily available.

As ServicesChild the desired system is equal installed, so that customers of DM Solutions must be tormenting not only by the installation routine of the respective software, but can start immediately with shops designing your own website or your own online with each order. Alternatively, the existing site is moved from the previous provider, so that customers can continue to work easily on their website or the Online Store at DM Solutions without having to carry out the technical move by hand.

Beneficial for all operators of websites and online shops are the fast servers from DM Solutions as they share only a very limited number of DM Solutions. This provides each customer a greater capacity of the available server, which had a positive impact on each and every website.