Shared Hosting Cluster

We host your web hosting package on a model developed by several self Server clusters. The resources of each cluster are all hosted on his clients in the same manner. Their distribution is controlled by the built-in mechanisms of the Apache web server and the MySQL server. This allows us a continuous monitoring of the cluster and its easy extensibility to adapt the overall performance of the system to meet rising demands.

All for one!

An Artfiles Web server cluster consists of one database server, a storage server and several Web servers. This is still the print server and a backup server. This division of services allows us to perfectly tailor each server on its task: Fast CPUs and lots of memory for the web server, a fast RAID system for storage servers and small, but very fast hard drives in SQL Server.

Engineering details!

As with all our systems, we are also in our cluster systems intensively tested and proven technology: Server systems from Supermicro and Dell, Intel CPUs and hard drives from Western Digital and Fujitsu. On all storage and database servers and also on the backup systems comes exclusively RAID 6, offering not only a high performance by reliability and fast recovery times. All servers in a cluster are interconnected with Gigabit Ethernet.